Kamene and Jalas at war over independent woman mentality - KISS

Kamene and Jalas at war over independent woman mentality

 Kamene and Jalas at war over independent woman mentality

Kamene and Jalas were at war on Friday during The Morning Kiss and all because Jalas was not feeling the independent woman vibe.


He is definitely up for women making their money all day, but when she steps into the house, that stops.


“Yesterday you were out here doing business day market and you want to tell me that is the reason why me as your boyfriend should tolerate you picking up calls at night in the name of a business ati securing the bag?


Really? Your small money now wants to make you not governable. Your small money wants to come in between us because you’re making some few thousands here and there?” Jalas said

An angry Kamene who considers herself an independent woman interjected asking,


I feel like this is the problem. Men have an issue with women who want to secure the bag and build a future and by extension for you too. You say you want someone who has established herself and one who adds value to the relationship and here I am but you do not want me to do it asking me at 9pm who am I talking to? I am trying to make that money


To which Heavy J responded saying,


What is this that you could not do during the day? People are out here running from 8am to 5pm what were you doing. You know with all your independence, once you get to the house…Actually you know there are couples who have rules that once you get to the house you drop your phone and no one should call you. Doesn’t change that you are independent.


You want to be that woman in the bed with a laptop saying ooh email, ooh invoice?”


“Yes!” Kamene shouted



“Go to hell! Your small money shouldn’t make you ungovernable. We have independent women out here who respect marriage.” Jalas said

The argument got heated and Kamene said,


Yes, and I am sure their husbands are not like you asking why are you picking calls at 9 pm?


With the route Kamene was going, he was forced to ask her what really is independence.


“This is when I do not need you. This means if I live without you, I will still live my life comfortably.” She answered

Jalas told her if the money the woman is making they still live in a rented house it means it is small money and so she needs to calm down.


“If you have secured the bag and made sure we have changed our life from a rented apartment to a 5 acre land with our own house and it is you who has paid, allow me to pick those calls and to cater to you in every way.


Do you know what independence is? This small money should not give you pride? You are still talking about rent and you are calling yourself independent? Independent and rent should not be in one statement please.


You are going to dharau me with my small money yet it can change our lives.”



“Most women out here led by you as the president of arrogance and independence and new generation nonsense coming here saying that ‘ooh I am independent’, picking up calls at night in the name of making money, this small money will not come in between us. Ntakupiga slap.”


Speaking from experience, he said,


“I have not only dated but I am married to an independent woman. She has a job, drives her car and all those things. Independence is not substitute for arrogance.”


A light bulb moment hit Kamene and she finally discovered what is ailing men when it comes to independent women,

“There is a pandemic in marriages and it is called insecurity. Men are too insecure when a woman is making moves.”


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