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Jalango helps ‘Nitakufinya’ duo to secure advertisement deal with Jahazi Flour

The ‘Nitakufinya’ buzzword has continued to dominate the internet space as social media users grab every single opportunity to slide in the trend in their posts.


The word is the making of two men from Nairobi’s Mukuru Kwa Njenga area who were captured in a footage 11 years ago as they commented on the power shortages in the informal settlement.


The duo have since become celebrities with one of them revealing that the virality of the video is incriminating on his social status.


According to Musyoka Wambua whose interview was interrupted in the video by Aron Asiba, he currently fears walking in the hood as everybody would stop him for a photo session.


While speaking to media personality Jalang’o during the Bonga Na Jalas interview, the two men revealed that they were living in hard pressed life despite being celebrities.

“My biggest wish right now is to have a motorbike so that I stop vending water and go into the bodaboda business,” 

Musyoka said.


Much to their luck, however, the duo who reconciled during the live show secured a lucrative advertisement deal from popular flour mill Jahazi.


While breaking the news, Jalango who is also an influencer for the milling company, also revealed that Musyioka and Asiba would each receive a motor bike to kickstart their lives.


” Niko na team inaitwa Unga ya Jahazi. Wamekubali kufanya na nyinyi kazi na mtafanya advert yao ya ugali,” Jalango announced.

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